The Foxes of Provincetown

I just finished the third of a series of paintings on foxes. The Red Fox is a common site in Massachusetts but especially visible in the small community of Provincetown. During a visit to my brother who lives there I was surprised to see them regularly around his house. They appear to have no fear of humans and raise their young in burrows made in close proximity to people. I was fascinated by the ease in which these beautiful wild animals live among the people. Deciding to paint them was an easy choice.

These last two paintings  were based on photographs taken by Elizabeth Brooke, a Provincetown/Cape Cod wildlife photographer as well as a wildlife officer and advocate for the foxes of the outer Cape.  She was gracious enough to let me use her beautiful photos and I am very thankful.  Watching them come to life on my paper was a joyous experience.

For more about the foxes in Massachusettes visit


Baby FoxProvincetown Fox

May you have ease of being in all you do today!


Finished Sparrow

I began this painting of this sweet asian sparrow two days ago. I used a photograph by Aschi, a talented wildlife photographer in Switzerland who generously makes his photos available to artists to use as references.  I wouldn’t be painting these details without the use of photographs like his.

In my previous post I detailed my beginning process. The next phase entailed laying down the light, dark and mid-tones of the colors on the sparrows wings and the branches. This took many hours of going back and seeing what needed to be darker to bring lighter areas into balance. I used Winsor and Newton watercolors and made mixes from burnt sienna, paynes gray, raw umber, scarlet lake and lamp black.


I say my sparrow painting is finished, but I will let him sit on my easel and over the next day or so I will probably do a touch up here and there.  Even after feeling a painting is finished, my eyes find tiny details that still need a little touch up. I guess a painting is never really finished until it is signed and in a frame. I am not ready for that yet.

Thank you for reading. I hope you find ease of being in all you do today.


Sparrow Series in Progress

I am starting another sparrow painting for my series of these lovely birds. I just adore watching them at the feeder.

As with all my paintings, I start with a very detailed drawing. In order to achieve the degree of realism that I strive for, the accuracy of the drawing is essential.  I lightly draw my image onto my watercolor paper using a 0.5 drafting pencil. I then decide if I want a background. In this painting I laid down a light wash of winsor green yellow shade, and then let it dry. I may go back and darken it a bit at the end.

Next, with all birds and other wildlife, I begin the painting by the working the eye first. I do this because if I wait and paint everything else and then the eye doesn’t look right, I have ruined my painting. If the eye is right from the start, I usually am ok through the rest of the painting. Any other mistakes can (usually) be fixed.

This is the start of another watercolor. I am hoping the end result is to my liking! Thanks for reading!

May you have ease of being in all you do today!



Coming Soon!


This is a space for me to showcase the work of other artists that I know and admire. I already have several wonderful and talented people in mind and am excited to get this section up and running. Check back soon for updates!


Massasoit Art Guild Annual Show

My first official show will be The Massasoit Art Guild 16th Annual Show and Art Sale on Sat & Sun, Oct 19th & 20th 10:00 to 4:00 at Spencer Memorial Town Hall, 157 Main St Spencer MA.

I will be entering 4 pieces and I am so excited to be taking this step with my watercolors. If you’re free, plan to add it to your fall activities list and come by and see the show!

May you have ease of being in all you do today!


In the Studio

Hello and welcome to this first post on my website. I thought I would start by showing you my studio space which is small but works well for me. Since my process of painting is more of a detailed style of watercolor, or wet on dry paper,  I keep everything I need on my small drafting table. I use a larger table if I am working wet on wet, for instance doing a background wash for a painting, due the amount of water and paint that can get splashed around. I will get into more detail about my painting process and the techniques I use in another post. I also plan on posting a step by step method/instruction with photos, so you can see one of my paintings from start to finish. Check back for more content.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read. I welcome any comments and would love to hear from you.

May you have ease of being in whatever you do today!