Behind Our Doors during Covid-19

Blue Door 4/16/2020  Watercolor 12×14

It is April 2020. We are in a war. A world war.  A war against a virus that has every country shut down and  quarantined in one way or another. Here in the USA we are in a state of emergency, a national crisis. We are in a stay at home advisory/order, wearing face masks when we go outside and watching the death count grow by the day. Who would ever have thought our lives could change in such a short time. Covid-19 has us running scared. But we aren’t running. We can’t run because we can’t go out in public. We are “social distancing”  behind the doors of our own homes hoping it doesn’t get in. We live in fear of our loved ones or ourselves getting sick from this highly contagious virus that has no cure. Everything is cancelled. Schools are closed. Restaurants are open for take out only.  Only the people deemed “essential” by the government can go to work. Doctors, nurses, health professionals, grocery store clerks, police/fire and companies in the production of personal protective equipment (PPE) are some of the workforce still engaged in life outside of the home.

The rest of us wait.

I paint. Painting in a pandemic. Pandemic art. Art is not cancelled.

I painted this door from a beautiful photo by Karen French aka Inspired_by_Petals on Instragram. The photo called to me. It symbolizes our lives right now. Living our lives behind closed doors even though on the outside everything looks normal as Spring flowers bloom and the sun shines in bright blue skies.

But nothing is normal. Normal may never be again.

Be safe. Stay well. May you find ease of being today, behind your closed doors, even in this.