About Maggie

I am primarily a self taught artist and have had a love of painting for as long as I can remember. My career as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Psychotherapist has been a passion for me, but I have always sought time for and found a meditative, healing flow state in art.  In the past few years I have dedicated my time to painting, learning and trying new techniques. My goal has been, and continues to be, to achieve a more realistic style in my watercolors.

I am so thankful to have been born into a family of artists.  The inspirations in my life include my Sister Sue, also a watercolorist,  and my Brother Kurt, a painter and installation artist. They both, in their own right, are fabulously talented and successful artists. My daughter Paige is also a talented painter with a wonderful eye and she gives me much needed and appreciated critiques.

My mom, Nita, was an artist in the style of Sumi Chinese Brush Painting. She enjoyed showcasing her work in local shows during her lifetime.

I am very grateful to the many wonderful artists who freely give their time to share their knowledge and skill on the internet, as well as the gifted and generous photographers on pmp-art.com who willingly share their photos to collaborate with artists all over the world.

My Art Gallery is dedicated to Bob Arnold, a wonderful professional photographer who generously gave his time and talent to make my painting images as real to life as possible for posting here. Thanks Bob! His wonderful work can be seen at https://www.wellfleetosprey.com

My Painting style is one I have developed by studying and researching and practicing. I love the style of botanical watercolors and strive to achieve it,  but currently my work falls somewhere between semi-realism and abstract.

I am a member of the Massasoit Art Guild and most recently was overjoyed to win Best in Show in the 16th Annual Art Show for my painting Sparrow Love. I am also a member of Artsworcester.