Sparrow Series in Progress

I am starting another sparrow painting for my series of these lovely birds. I just adore watching them at the feeder.

As with all my paintings, I start with a very detailed drawing. In order to achieve the degree of realism that I strive for, the accuracy of the drawing is essential.  I lightly draw my image onto my watercolor paper using a 0.5 drafting pencil. I then decide if I want a background. In this painting I laid down a light wash of winsor green yellow shade, and then let it dry. I may go back and darken it a bit at the end.

Next, with all birds and other wildlife, I begin the painting by the working the eye first. I do this because if I wait and paint everything else and then the eye doesn’t look right, I have ruined my painting. If the eye is right from the start, I usually am ok through the rest of the painting. Any other mistakes can (usually) be fixed.

This is the start of another watercolor. I am hoping the end result is to my liking! Thanks for reading!

May you have ease of being in all you do today!


Flow~My Abstract Fluid Art Journey.




Flow: the state of being fully present and at peace in the moment. This has been my intentional word and mantra for 2021. I set out the new year searching to increase this flow state in all areas of my life. I find it on my Yoga mat, meditation practice and now, thanks to this medium called acrylic pouring, I have found it in my art process.

I love this new chapter of my creative journey. It is freeing in a way my tiny watercolor paintbrush cannot be and although watercolors will always be my first love, acrylic abstract work is a close second.  Fluid art has learning curve which is exciting but difficult. As one who was always the boss of the paint and a lover of fine details,  I have had to adapt to the  fact that in this medium, the paint has a mind of its own. The results are unpredictable at best and although I am learning to “control” some aspects of this genre, like color, composition and certain effects, it is in the lack of control that I find my flow.

If you find something that calls to you please contact me. Most work is available for sale and I happily accept commissions. You can reach me at Also my facebook page is Maggie Hart Art where I post my pieces as I paint them.

Thanks for stopping by.

May you have ease of being in all you do today.


Animals in Winter Series


I am thrilled to have completed a new series called Animals In Winter. Each painting is now framed and hanging in the Shadow Boxes at Cormiers Jewelry and Art Gallery in Spencer MA.  They are for sale from the store and would make unique holiday gifts.  They look lovely surrounded by the beautiful winter sprigs and snow flakes that Jenny used to decorate the boxes.  5 X 7 Cards from each painting are also available at Cormiers.  Go in and check out the store and support local business this holiday season.

Wishing you ease of being in all you do today.



Another Art Exhibit~The Massasoit Art Guild



Blue Jay 12 X 16  Blue Jay photographed by my dear friend

The 17th Annual Massasoit Art Guild Show is up and live at the website at

I am proud to have 5 pieces in this show and even more excited to have won 1st place in watercolor with “Old Friend”. I also received 2 Memorial Awards for “Baby Sparrow” and “Suer Shed”.

This was an especially lovely show as I exhibited with my talented sister Sue Wiseheart and her piece “Talk’s Cheap” one 3rd place in Other Media.

Art is so personal. Art helps me express the beauty I see in this world even in this time of fear and uncertainty. I am  grateful to the Massasoit Art Guild for the friendships I have made and the artful experiences they have given me. This small town local Guild has helped me grow and increased my confidence as an artist. For that, I will cherish them always.

I hope you find something to make you smile here.


Massasoit Art Guild 2020 Show & Sale


The 17th Annual Art Show for the Massasoit Art Guild will be held on Oct 19th 2020 on the website at  This is the first time the Guild has had a virtual show, but due to Covid-19 it is the safest way to hold the exhibit.  This years Judge is award winning artist Nancy Cook Bunnell. We are thrilled to have her as part of our 2020 show. Her beautiful work can be seen on her website at

This little town local art guild of ours is anything but small. The talent and dedication of the artists and photographers who make up our members is huge. The Guild provides local artists a supportive community to share and critique, get support and instruction, as well as local business venues to display and sell artwork. The Guild holds an open studio in our studio in East Brookfield on Wednesday mornings from 9:30-12:00 and although we are meeting on Zoom since our studio is closed due to Covid we still have a wonderfully creative and supportive time! If photography is your creative outlet, our photography group is very active and has a monthly meeting (also via Zoom at this time). If you are not yet a member and have always felt that call to join an art guild and perhaps enter your art into a show, now may be your time! Here is the link to the submission form.

The membership application is also there on the website.  The low cost membership of $30 a year is well worth the money and much less than most art guild memberships.

I can personally say that joining the Massasoit Art Guild was one of the best things I ever did.  Not only did I finally find the courage and confidence to finally call myself an artist, but I have developed friendships with other artists that will last a lifetime.  Come Join us! We would love to meet you!

May you have ease of being in all you do today.


Behind Our Doors # 5

This is the 5th and final door in my series Living Behind our Doors. This project was inspired by Covid-19, racial injustice and the continuing discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community. You can see the original post and my thoughts by clicking and you can see all the doors in my series in my gallery.

I hope you saw something that inspired you. If so, leave a comment.

May you have ease of being in all you do today.


Door # 4 of Living Behind Our Doors

  This is the 4th of 5 doors in my series on Living Behind Our Doors.  As I’ve written in a previous post, I am inspired to paint doors because they are such a metaphor for the times we are living in. On so many levels, Doors are closed in these times and we are hiding behind them out of fear and anxiety.

Please click on my previous blog post about my thoughts that inspired this series and to see the other doors I’ve been painting.

I hope you are well and find ease of being in all you do today.


Living Behind Our Doors

Main St Spencer MA

Doors, a metaphor for our times.

Doors close. Doors open. Doors can hold a welcome sign, or they can say “keep out.”

Doors are a powerful symbol in this unprecedented time in our lives and also in our country.  Since March of 2020, COVID-19 has kept many of us closed behind our doors, afraid to venture into the world. We are afraid of the virus, so we have stayed in our homes for months with no end in sight. Living behind the closed doors of our homes may be the new normal for many of us. Fear and anxiety are very real, and we have no idea when it will be safe to go out again.

Yet, the virus is not the only reason for closed doors. 

We white people have closed the doors on people of color.  No, not just closed, but slammed the doors shut since the beginning of our “civilized” world.  Signs have hung on doors saying people of color “not allowed,” “need not apply,” and many other words of hate and segregation.  Even now, the signs are there. They may not hang visibly on the doors, but the unspoken messages remain. Racism remains.  Black Lives Matter is a movement to open the doors, and stop the killing, the violence, and the racism that is much like the virus— insidious and always present. 

LGBTQ+ intolerance remains. In June a divided Supreme Court advanced the cause of LGBTQ+ rights ruling a civil rights law barring sex discrimination in the workplace applies to gay, lesbian and transgender workers. The fact that it was met with division says so much about the ongoing battle in our country for anyone who is not a white straight male. The suicide rates within the LGBTQ+ community are astronomical. 

Doors are powerful metaphors for so much of the pain and suffering going on around us in this time in our lives.

So, I am painting doors. I am painting a series of doors, and I paint them with a purpose: to say that I am aware of the closed doors in our lives and that I am emotionally open to all the things those doors symbolize. 

I recently read a beautiful reference in Brené Brown’s book, The Gifts Of Imperfection: “The Hopi Indians have a saying, ‘To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak.’” This quote really moved me because as an artist, I paint so that my heart can be seen. 

 With my paints and brushes, I am painting doors. My heart hopes that they open. 

If you would like to join me with your own painted or photographed doors, my door is open. I will be posting this series on my website and if there is any interest I would happily add yours to the gallery. I’m thinking if there is enough interest I could add some links to donate to organizations for covid relief, racial injustice or LGBTQ+ rights.   If interested, send me an email at and let us see if this goes anywhere. 

As Artists, we can open doors. 

May you have ease of being in all you do today.


Questioning Everything

 Today I question. I question all the pain and suffering in the world at this time. We live with so much fear. Fear of a deadly virus, oppression, violence, and government power.

And yet I painted a pretty blue bird on an apple blossom branch. I paint the opposite of what is true in the world. The Fear and darkness, hatred and oppression are not expressed in this painting. Issues rarely are. I paint little animals. Animals don’t have issues.

Is it that I choose to escape with my paints into a prettier world? Is it that I am ignoring the truth? Do I have a responsibility to paint representations of relevant issues or do I leave that to the “real artists”? Would it make me a “real artist” if I painted the political and social truths of the world around me?

I don’t know. I am questioning, looking inside and asking myself why.

Just thoughts.  Please feel free to share yours if you wish.

May your day be filled with ease of being.



Behind Our Doors during Covid-19

Blue Door 4/16/2020  Watercolor 12×14

It is April 2020. We are in a war. A world war.  A war against a virus that has every country shut down and  quarantined in one way or another. Here in the USA we are in a state of emergency, a national crisis. We are in a stay at home advisory/order, wearing face masks when we go outside and watching the death count grow by the day. Who would ever have thought our lives could change in such a short time. Covid-19 has us running scared. But we aren’t running. We can’t run because we can’t go out in public. We are “social distancing”  behind the doors of our own homes hoping it doesn’t get in. We live in fear of our loved ones or ourselves getting sick from this highly contagious virus that has no cure. Everything is cancelled. Schools are closed. Restaurants are open for take out only.  Only the people deemed “essential” by the government can go to work. Doctors, nurses, health professionals, grocery store clerks, police/fire and companies in the production of personal protective equipment (PPE) are some of the workforce still engaged in life outside of the home.

The rest of us wait.

I paint. Painting in a pandemic. Pandemic art. Art is not cancelled.

I painted this door from a beautiful photo by Karen French aka Inspired_by_Petals on Instragram. The photo called to me. It symbolizes our lives right now. Living our lives behind closed doors even though on the outside everything looks normal as Spring flowers bloom and the sun shines in bright blue skies.

But nothing is normal. Normal may never be again.

Be safe. Stay well. May you find ease of being today, behind your closed doors, even in this.


Finding my way as an artist.

What makes someone an artist? I used to have an idea in my head that in order to be a “real” artist one had to have gone to art school, enter and win shows, make the covers of artist magazines and most importantly, sell their work.

Well, I didn’t go to art school but I have entered two shows and won in one of them. At that show, the honor of winning left me thinking, “now I can say I am an artist”.  Then came a larger show at which I didn’t place. Did that mean I was mistaken? Was it a fluke? Was I not really an artist after all? And then there is the selling issue. Yes, I have sold paintings… to friends. I have even shipped sold art across the country..again friends. So, is my art not “good enough” for the general public?

And then comes the question do I really even need to sell my art?  It is not my primary source of income and thank goodness for that or I would really  be in trouble.

I paint because my heart leads me to my brushes and paper. I paint because I love seeing the subject come alive under my brushstrokes. I paint because I lose time and become one with my most authentic, creative self and just flow with it. I paint because it is one of the places in my world that I feel truly at peace in my mind. Can I really put a price tag on that kind of experience? Would selling a painting make any difference in my artistic process? I don’t think so.

Maybe what makes me an artist is the joy I get from painting. Maybe that is enough. Maybe art, for me, is simply the process, and my reward for painting is the joy. Who could ask for more than that?

Thanks for reading and may you find joy in your moments today.