Finished Sparrow

I began this painting of this sweet asian sparrow two days ago. I used a photograph by Aschi, a talented wildlife photographer in Switzerland who generously makes his photos available to artists to use as references.  I wouldn’t be painting these details without the use of photographs like his.

In my previous post I detailed my beginning process. The next phase entailed laying down the light, dark and mid-tones of the colors on the sparrows wings and the branches. This took many hours of going back and seeing what needed to be darker to bring lighter areas into balance. I used Winsor and Newton watercolors and made mixes from burnt sienna, paynes gray, raw umber, scarlet lake and lamp black.


I say my sparrow painting is finished, but I will let him sit on my easel and over the next day or so I will probably do a touch up here and there.  Even after feeling a painting is finished, my eyes find tiny details that still need a little touch up. I guess a painting is never really finished until it is signed and in a frame. I am not ready for that yet.

Thank you for reading. I hope you find ease of being in all you do today.