Flow~My Abstract Fluid Art Journey.




Flow: the state of being fully present and at peace in the moment. This has been my intentional word and mantra for 2021. I set out the new year searching to increase this flow state in all areas of my life. I find it on my Yoga mat, meditation practice and now, thanks to this medium called acrylic pouring, I have found it in my art process.

I love this new chapter of my creative journey. It is freeing in a way my tiny watercolor paintbrush cannot be and although watercolors will always be my first love, acrylic abstract work is a close second.  Fluid art has learning curve which is exciting but difficult. As one who was always the boss of the paint and a lover of fine details,  I have had to adapt to the  fact that in this medium, the paint has a mind of its own. The results are unpredictable at best and although I am learning to “control” some aspects of this genre, like color, composition and certain effects, it is in the lack of control that I find my flow.

If you find something that calls to you please contact me. Most work is available for sale and I happily accept commissions. You can reach me at maggiehartart@gmail.com. Also my facebook page is Maggie Hart Art where I post my pieces as I paint them.

Thanks for stopping by.

May you have ease of being in all you do today.