Door # 4 of Living Behind Our Doors

  This is the 4th of 5 doors in my series on Living Behind Our Doors.  As I’ve written in a previous post, I am inspired to paint doors because they are such a metaphor for the times we are living in. On so many levels, Doors are closed in these times and we are […]

Living Behind Our Doors

Doors, a metaphor for our times. Doors close. Doors open. Doors can hold a welcome sign, or they can say “keep out.” Doors are a powerful symbol in this unprecedented time in our lives and also in our country.  Since March of 2020, COVID-19 has kept many of us closed behind our doors, afraid to […]

Questioning Everything

 Today I question. I question all the pain and suffering in the world at this time. We live with so much fear. Fear of a deadly virus, oppression, violence, and government power. And yet I painted a pretty blue bird on an apple blossom branch. I paint the opposite of what is true in the […]

Behind Our Doors during Covid-19

It is April 2020. We are in a war. A world war.  A war against a virus that has every country shut down and  quarantined in one way or another. Here in the USA we are in a state of emergency, a national crisis. We are in a stay at home advisory/order, wearing face masks […]

Finding my way as an artist.

What makes someone an artist? I used to have an idea in my head that in order to be a “real” artist one had to have gone to art school, enter and win shows, make the covers of artist magazines and most importantly, sell their work. Well, I didn’t go to art school but I […]

2020 ~ A New Decade

  Today is the last day of December 2019. As I turn my sites to 2020 I am excited and honored to be starting my new years art journey with a solo exhibit at the Spencer Public Library from January 6th through February.  The exhibit is titled, Creatures Among Us, Watercolor Wildlife and consists of […]

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I am so excited to be entering my second art show this week. My painting Sparrow Love will be among hundreds of amazing paintings of all genres at ArtsWorcester The One Show on Dec 6th through the month. I have no expectations of this show except to enjoy being among my good friends Susan, Bob […]

First Art Show ~ Best In Show

 I had the first exhibition of my work at the Massasoit Art Guilds 16th Annual Show this last weekend Oct 19th & 20th. To my great surprise and joy I won Best In Show for my painting Sparrow Love. I also received a Memorial Award for my painting Blue Eyes. It was such a wonderful […]

The Pursuit for Perfection

I just finished this painting “raccoon in a tree hollow” and I  became very frustrated during the process. I wanted so badly for this painting to be “perfect”. I love the photograph and have seen it done by other artists with great success. I was initially off to a great start with the raccoon, but […]

The Foxes of Provincetown

I just finished the third of a series of paintings on foxes. The Red Fox is a common site in Massachusetts but especially visible in the small community of Provincetown. During a visit to my brother who lives there I was surprised to see them regularly around his house. They appear to have no fear […]