Questioning Everything

 Today I question. I question all the pain and suffering in the world at this time. We live with so much fear. Fear of a deadly virus, oppression, violence, and government power.

And yet I painted a pretty blue bird on an apple blossom branch. I paint the opposite of what is true in the world. The Fear and darkness, hatred and oppression are not expressed in this painting. Issues rarely are. I paint little animals. Animals don’t have issues.

Is it that I choose to escape with my paints into a prettier world? Is it that I am ignoring the truth? Do I have a responsibility to paint representations of relevant issues or do I leave that to the “real artists”? Would it make me a “real artist” if I painted the political and social truths of the world around me?

I don’t know. I am questioning, looking inside and asking myself why.

Just thoughts.  Please feel free to share yours if you wish.

May your day be filled with ease of being.