Sparrow Series in Progress

I am starting another sparrow painting for my series of these lovely birds. I just adore watching them at the feeder.

As with all my paintings, I start with a very detailed drawing. In order to achieve the degree of realism that I strive for, the accuracy of the drawing is essential.  I lightly draw my image onto my watercolor paper using a 0.5 drafting pencil. I then decide if I want a background. In this painting I laid down a light wash of winsor green yellow shade, and then let it dry. I may go back and darken it a bit at the end.

Next, with all birds and other wildlife, I begin the painting by the working the eye first. I do this because if I wait and paint everything else and then the eye doesn’t look right, I have ruined my painting. If the eye is right from the start, I usually am ok through the rest of the painting. Any other mistakes can (usually) be fixed.

This is the start of another watercolor. I am hoping the end result is to my liking! Thanks for reading!

May you have ease of being in all you do today!