The Foxes of Provincetown

I just finished the third of a series of paintings on foxes. The Red Fox is a common site in Massachusetts but especially visible in the small community of Provincetown. During a visit to my brother who lives there I was surprised to see them regularly around his house. They appear to have no fear of humans and raise their young in burrows made in close proximity to people. I was fascinated by the ease in which these beautiful wild animals live among the people. Deciding to paint them was an easy choice.

These last two paintings  were based on photographs taken by Elizabeth Brooke, a Provincetown/Cape Cod wildlife photographer as well as a wildlife officer and advocate for the foxes of the outer Cape.  She was gracious enough to let me use her beautiful photos and I am very thankful.  Watching them come to life on my paper was a joyous experience.

For more about the foxes in Massachusettes visit


Baby FoxProvincetown Fox

May you have ease of being in all you do today!


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  1. John Reynolds
    John Reynolds says:

    Hi, I am a musician who is inspired by art and these are wonderful. I’ve marveled at these beautiful foxes in the wild at Provincetown and Maggie really captured their magical presence. Wonderful job well done! 🦊

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